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LYLIX has been a hosting provider offering services since 2003. Established upon a solid web-hosting infrastructure, we began diversifying services by including premium VPS hosting in 2004. Our vision was and continues to focus on offering quality VPS/VDS hosting services at competitive prices, excellent and responsive support, and comprehensive management features to assist every client in reaching their goals.

Realizing the demand for VOIP compatibility, we reorganized our VPS/VDS infrastructure to accommodate the IP-PBX community, specifically striving for compatibility with the popular Asterisk software. This has evolved into numerous IP-PBX VPS hosting options (Trixbox, AsteriskNOW, PBX in a Flash, Elastix, FreePBX Distro, etc.) and has ultimately come to be known as our specialty and niche in the VPS market.



Our company is driven by dedicated individuals. Vast experience with all aspects of hosting, programming, and the variety of Linux distributions we offer is a prerequisite amongst support staff. All individuals come from a background in the ISP and consultative services markets. In addition, Linux is not just considered a work-related operating system; each staff member utilizes some variant of Linux for their primary computing and recreation on a personal basis as well.



Understanding what the customer needs to achieve results is the foundation of our company. We are constantly observing market trends and reacting to customer feedback to consider and engineer new features and products that not only meet consumer desires, but are truly innovative in concept and provide those "extras" that make LYLIX unique amongst the competition.

  • 2003 - LYLIX emerges as a website hosting provider
  • 2004 - VPS/VDS hosting is introduced using Linux Vserver
  • 2006 - Focus begins on VOIP friendly infrastructure
  • 2006 - Geographically diverse network topology implemented
  • 2006 - Advanced portal control and features released
  • 2007 - OpenVZ chosen as preferred virtualization platform
  • 2012 - Initial stages of IPv6 network layer implemented
  • 2013 - European NOC added
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