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Dedicated Virtual Private Server Plans

Platforms based on Core2Duo technology add performance benefits based on the dual core design, capable of handling medium to large loads.

Based on the Dual Core Xeon Woodcrest processor, this series of dedicated VPS covers the needs of high-end users, handling enterprise loads.

  • 1.8 - 2.4 GHz
  • 2MB - 4MB Cache

  • 2.0 - 2.33 GHz +
  • 4MB Cache

CPU CPU Ratio RAM Disk Traffic IPs Price Order
Core2Duo † 1:4 512 MB 30 GB 500 GB 2 $100/mo n/a †
1:2 1024 MB 50 GB 650 GB 3 $200/mo n/a †
1:1 2048 MB 70 GB 800 GB 4 $300/mo n/a †
Xeon 1:4 1024 MB 30 GB 500 GB 2 $100/mo Buy Now
1:2 2048 MB 50 GB 650 GB 3 $200/mo Buy Now
1:1 4096 MB 90 GB 1000 GB 5 $400/mo Buy Now
† Discontinued
What plan is best for me?

Choosing the right plan involves knowing your software's requirements and load. In relative terms, a 1:4 "dedicated" on the Core2 platform is comparable to a Pentium 4; similarly, a 1:2 can be compared to a Pentium D.

The 1:1 configuration is unique in that you are reserved the entire host, so native performance of the desired platform can be expected.

How to I get started?

Just begin the ordering process by choosing the plan you wish to have provisioned from the table to the left.

If you are migrating an existing account, follow the usual ordering procedure and make a note of the VPS you wish to migrate in the customer notes area during the order.

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