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PBX in a FLash Virtual Private Server
pbx in a flash

What is PBX in a Flash?

If you've longed for the good ol' days of Asterisk@Home, welcome back to the new steroid-enhanced version. PBX in a Flash is a lean, mean Asterisk machine designed to meet the needs of hobbyists as well as business users.

You'll have a high-performance turnkey Asterisk PBX that's easy to upgrade, able to choose from dozens of scripts to include all of the Nerd Vittles addons: AsteriDex, Weather Reports, News Feeds, Email by Phone, TeleYapper, Telephone Reminders, Podcasts by Phone, and more. You add features when you need additional functionality; otherwise, you skip the bloatware.

- Nerdvittles

PBX in a Flash VPS Hosting

Based on the PBX in a Flash release (Purple based on, the core PBX components Asterisk and FreePBX are pre-installed, along with additional software including the Flash Operator Panel, the Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI), command-line software update and security scripts and much more...

Four versions are available: GOLD (Asterisk 1.4 / Zaptel), SILVER (Asterisk 1.4 / Dahdi), BRONZE (Asterisk 1.6 / Dahdi), and PURPLE (Asterisk 1.8 / Dahdi).

Available Options:

Plan Disk RAM Data/mo † Base Price  
X32p GB MB GB $/mo Buy Now
† Use traffic calculator to the right to estimate traffic requirements

How do I connect to the PSTN?

Our hosted PBX in a Flash VPS is an IP-PBX platform solution. This means you will have to supply your own ITSP, there is no direct connection to the PSTN. Any provider that supports connectivity with Asterisk will work fine, including Asterisk supported codecs and protocols.

Does MOH and Meetme work?

Absolutely! Our VPS environment is optimized for PBX-in-a-Flash/Asterisk hosting; each host is complemented with the necessary Zaptel devices to support the operation of Music-on-hold (MOH) and conferencing (Meetme). In addition, extensive CPU scheduling and other performance tuning provides a dependable environment to carry out VOIP communications.

How many calls can it handle?

Our exclusive and standard VPS plans are typically rated for a maximum capacity of about 10 - 15 concurrent calls. This value can vary widely depending on transcoding of media streams (ie. g729 to ulaw), simultaneously running applications in the VPS, local on-site bandwidth capacity where extensions are located, etc.

In some cases, customers have successfully handled 20 and more concurrent calls with acceptable quality. When reaching these levels of capacity and beyond, we highly recommend to consider our "dedicated" VPS service, where you will be guaranteed a minimum amount of CPU usage as well as limited sharing of the host server.

A PBX in a Flash VPS hosted at LYLIX is a great solution for your telephony needs. Each installation is backed by the standard array of features found with every LYLIX VPS, including realtime data replication for high availability.

Besides our VOIP optimized environment, the VPS solution is completely scalable; if you're just starting out small you can begin with the basic resources, but as your activity and volume grow, your VPS can be seamlessly upgraded, even up to a 1:1 "dedicated" VPS!

Monthly Traffic Calculator

Enter your estimated call traffic in minutes per month below and the amount of monthly traffic required will be calculated and the pricing chart to the left updated with the appropriate traffic plan and new monthly VPS price.

Enter minutes per month
Total monthly traffic:

Calculated using g711 (Ulaw) codec and two active call legs (trunk + extension). 

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