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Trixbox CE is depreciated and currently frozen at version 2.8.  There will be no further updates from the upstream developers and as of early 2013, officially dropped by Fonality.

We recommend using a different Asterisk/FreePBX based distribution, but will continue to provide Trixbox CE 2.8 to accommodate clients wishing to still use the Trixbox distribution.

What is Trixbox?

Trixbox CE is a business class, fully featured, open source IP PBX system based on Digum's Asterisk Open Source PBX Software. From small systems with only a few ITSP trunks and extensions to larger installs with multiple trunks and hundreds of extensions, our Trixbox VPS can provide a solution to meet your business telephony needs.

Trixbox VPS Hosting

Based on the latest Trixbox 2.8 CE release, the core PBX components Asterisk and FreePBX are pre-installed, along with additional software including the Flash Operator Panel, the Asterisk Recording Interface, and much more...



The base Trixbox VPS plan is conservatively rated for up to around 10 concurrent calls. This value can vary widely depending on transcoding of media streams (ie. g729 to ulaw), simultaneously running applications in the virtual server, local on-site bandwidth capacity where extensions are located, etc.

If higher call capacity is required, the number of CPU cores can be adjusted accordingly. The following chart shows approximate call capacity for the various CPU core allocations:

Our VPS hosting environment is built with Trixbox and Asterisk in mind.

Each host server is complemented with the necessary Dahdi device nodes to support the operation of Music-on-hold (MOH) and conferencing (Meetme).

Our hosted Trixbox VPS is an IP-PBX platform solution. This means you will have to supply your own ITSP (ie. VOIP carrier), there is no direct connection to the PSTN. Any provider that supports connectivity with Asterisk will work fine, including Asterisk supported codecs and protocols.

Need a ITSP / VOIP carrier? Below are some popular carriers used by many of our existing clients:

Partnering Wholesale Carriers:

A-Z Carriers (Business/Residential):

Per-incident administrative and consultation support services related to any hosted Trixbox VPS plan within our network are also available. The current billable support rate is $100/Hr, billed in 15-minute increments. Some software installations are based on a fixed rate schedule, see our software page for more details.

Examples of administrative and consultative services:

  • Software Updates
  • VOIP-centric firewalling
  • FreePBX migration
  • Asterisk AGI programming
  • Asterisk dialplan programming



An unmanaged Trixbox VPS hosted at LYLIX is a great solution for your telephony needs. Each server is backed by the standard array of features found with every LYLIX VPS

Besides our VOIP optimized environment, the VPS solution is completely scalable; if you're just starting out small you can begin with the basic resources, but as your activity and volume grow, your VPS can be seamlessly upgraded!

Monthly Traffic Calculator

Enter your estimated call traffic in minutes per month below and the amount of monthly traffic required will be calculated and the pricing chart to the left updated with the appropriate traffic plan and new monthly VPS price.

Enter minutes per month:
Total monthly traffic: 0.00 GB

Calculated using g711 (Ulaw) codec and two active call legs (trunk + extension).

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