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  • Asterisk, Freeswitch, SipXecs, Kamailio based distributions
  • Use your own carrier(s)

Linux VPS

  • Over a dozen popular Linux distributions
  • 32 and 64 bit architectures

Reseller Hosting

  • Private Cloud
  • Hardware isolated from other clients
  • Flat per-host rate

Standard Features

  • INSTANT PROVISIONING ›› Service is setup and ready to use in just a few minutes after payment
  • ON-DEMAND OS RELOADS ›› Reload the VPS operating system any time, even change distributions
  • ROOT ACCESS (SSH) ›› Complete administrative control of the server, including applications and software
  • BACKUP MANAGEMENT ›› Access daily snapshots, manage your own backups, restore, clone, datacenter migration, and more...
  • RESCUE CONSOLE ›› Out of band SSH console to access VPS server
  • MANY MORE ›› Reverse DNS, Detailed Statistics, On-the-fly Adjustable Resources...


  • OpenVZ Containers ›› Container-based virtualization is utilized to minimize overhead
  • Multi-homed Internet connectivity ›› tens of Gbps bandwidth from Tier 1 carriers in each datacenter
  • IPtables firewalling ›› available in each VPS server
  • FUSE, TUN, and PPP ›› device permissions enabled
  • eth0 network device ›› activated with MAC address for software licensing
  • Dahdi timing ›› for Asterisk enabled for all VOIP VPS plans, optional on Linux VPS plans
Dual stack IPv4 + IPv6 Networking

Every LYLIX hosted VPS server is provisioned with a static IPv6 address in addition to a static IPv4 address at no additional cost. With IPv4 address space depleting fast, be ahead of the transition to IPv6.   Learn More ››
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VOIP Distributions
Linux Distributions
ElastixPBX in a FlashFreePBX DistroAsteriskNowTrixboxFusionPBXGoAutodialBlueboxSipXecsKamailio / OpenSER