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Native IPv6 connectivity allows your services to be more globally accessible without the need for tunneling or other complicated configuration.

Dual stack IPv4 + IPv6 Networking

Every LYLIX hosted VPS server is provisioned with a static IPv6 address in addition to a static IPv4 address at no additional cost, supporting native connectivity to the IPv6 network.

Many network implementations and hosting providers do not provide native IPv6 connectivity.  To communicate with IPv6 hosts and devices in such a network environment requires using an IPv6 tunnel broker over IPv4:



LYLIX provides a dual stack network topology, so communicating with remote IPv6 hosts and devices is done over native IPv6 connectivity.  There is no need for a IPv6 tunnel broker.  This dual stack implementation allows your server and running services to be accessible via both network protocols:



With LYLIX VPS hosting, you can start developing and testing the IPv6 network now, with no complicated configuration or IPv4 tunneling required.


  • 32-bit addressing
  • Approx. 4.9 billion IPs
  • February 3, 2001, IANA allocated remaining IPv4 address space, fully depleting available IPv4 pool


  • 128-bit addressing
  • Approx. 3.4×1038  IPs



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