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Addon Software

There are numerous third-party software addons that can be installed to enhance the functionality of a hosted Asterisk PBX Virtual Private Server.  Below are some popular examples.


Installation Support

LYLIX can provide administrative support to install various software addons.  Upon opening a consultation ticket in our Customer Portal support system, our administrative staff will provide a quote for billable time required to complete the software installation.


VOIP Billing Software

A2Billing is free and open source software for Asterisk, providing telecoms customer management including admin, agent, customer and online signup pages, with flexible inline rating and billing of calls and services in realtime.

A2Billing provides inline billing, designed for providing residential, business and wholesale VoIP services, calling cards, call-back and telephone number resale.



Realtime Activity Panel

The panel lets you see detailed PBX activity, like who is talking and to whom, call duration, held calls, queued calls, etc. It lets you control your phone and perform transfers, launch call spying and whisper, monitor queue activity and more. This version shows 2 lines per phone and held call status, so you can see exactly what is going on.

You can download and use it for free. No registration required. The free version lets you configure up to 15 buttons, being extensions, queues, conferences or trunks or any combination. To use more than 15 buttons, registration is required. Click the "Buy Now" button for details on various registration options, including white labeling.



Speech Recognition for Asterisk

Finally, a fully-integrated speech solution for all Asterisk-based applications is now available.

Go ahead: Speech-enable your Call Router, give the freedom of hands-free phone interactions to your callers, or simply provide an automated interface for customer service.



The Speech Engine is directly and seamlessly integrated with the Asterisk PBX platform and Dial Plan through a unique connector bridge from Digium. Now you can easily build speech-enabled IVR's by using the familiar Dial Plan scripting language or the C-API.



Cepstral Text-to-Speech Engine

Cepstral is the only company that offers a Text-to-Speech voice of Allison Smith - the Voice of Asterisk. The software provides a simple integration making it easy to create dynamic, professional sounding telephony applications. Customers use Cepstral and Asterisk to power IVR servers, Call Centers, and Unified Communications systems.



Cepstral Telephony Server

The Cepstral Telephony Server contains the Swift TTS engine, the Lexicon and Cepstral voices. The base software comes with the ability to stream synthesized speech audio to a single call. Add components to create the perfect TTS solution for Asterisk.



g729 Codec

G.729 reduces the network bandwidth used by each VoIP call, without sacrificing call quality. Audio compressed with G.729 uses only 1/8 the bandwidth of standard G.711 audio, which allows for more calls to be carried without increasing network capacity and allows voice to travel on limited-bandwidth connections that would otherwise not support VoIP. 



Digium's G.729 Codec for Asterisk is licensed on a per-channel basis. A channel is defined as a single connection from an endpoint to an Asterisk application, or a bi-directional call between two endpoints attached to Asterisk.  



Call Center Monitoring and Reporting

QueueMetrics is a highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated benefits.

Measure targets, conversion rates and all agents activities. Create accurate real time and historical reports and statistics. Support virtual and multi-tenant production environments.

All of the metrics can be queried interactively or exported via an XML-RPC interface. Graphs include absolute values, a percentage breakdown and easy to read histograms. They can be exported to a spreadsheet or other analysis software in a variety of formats.

QueueMetrics is available in Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Spanish language. Customers support and product updates are completely free of charge within license duration period (provided by Loway). Used in thousands of call centers worldwide.



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