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Our knowledgeable and responsive staff is prepared to assist with customers' support needs or provide direction to the appropriate resources.


What's covered under standard support?

Standard support on all unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS) services, including IP-PBX / VOIP and Linux plans, entails mitigating issues related to the network, host servers, and any aspects of the overall hosting infrastructure and virtualization layer.

As we do not manage nor provide managed hosting plans, the end-user is ultimately the server's administrator.  Administration responsibilites such as software installation and updates, configuration, security, and general "upkeep" of each server is delegated to the client.  However, we do provide per-incident, billable administration and consultation support upon request to perform these tasks.

Any support inquiries or issues can be initiated via the Trouble Ticket system in our Customer Portal. This is the recommended first step for any support related correspondence, including any Emergency, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Web/Email Hosting, and Billing related situations.

Our ticketing system is monitored 24/7/365 and responses are generally posted within 10 minutes or less.



Telephone support is also available if Customer Portal access is not immediately available due to lack of computer access, et.al.

  • Emergency Support - 24/7/365
  • General Support - M-F 9AM - 5PM EST/EDT
  • U.S. Toll Free:
  • International (incl. Canada):

If you are not connected with a staff member, please leave a voicemail with your name, return telephone number, account number or server IP address, and a brief description of your situation. We are notified of and regularly check voicemails and will establish correspondence typically within 10-15 minutes or less as the situation warrants, either via telephone or by opening a Trouble Ticket on your behalf. Sales inquires are generally followed-up within 1 business day.


Our Knowledgebase (FAQ) is a good starting point to search for answers to common questions or issues. The Knowledgebase contains a number of articles, including solutions for common issues, configuration information for various software and applications, and general howtos on numerous topics.

Our Knowledgebase also includes some interactive elements where command-line or other related information my be different for a particular client (usernames, et.al.). Form fields can be filled out with this variable information to customize commands, providing the ability to copy/paste the results on the command-line. This is a feature unlike any other FAQ / Knowledgebase you will find.




Distribution specific User Forums and Mailing Lists are a good place to communicate with other users, often an indispensable resource of information driven by large communities, both end-users and distribution developers. Below are forum, mailing list, or Wiki links for the various Linux and VOIP distributions that we currently offer:


VOIP Distributions

LYLIX can also provide per-incident administrative and consultation support services related to any hosted Virtual Private Server (VPS) within our network. The current billable support rate is $100/Hr, billed in 15-minute increments. Some software installations are based on a fixed rate schedule, see our software page for more details.



Examples of some administrative or consultative tasks we can provide:

  • Software installation
  • Software updates
  • System Migration
  • Command-line programming
  • Asterisk dialplan programming
  • Asterisk AGI programming
  • FreePBX Migration
  • and more...



If we are unable to fulfill a particular request, we will do our best to provide additional information or resources to contact partnering consultation providers who can assist.

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