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LYLIX offers over a dozen different popular Linux distributions.  While the Linux kernel is provided by the underlying host system via the OpenVZ Virtualization environment, each distribution provides a unique userland experience.  Variations between distros include the package management system, service initialization methodology, and directory hierarchy among others.  Each distro is also driven by a particular design and software maintenance philosophy.

If you are unsure which distribution is best for you, follow the links below to each distribution's page on our site and then visit the distribution's respective website with the links provided in the sidebar.

Red Hat Based:


Debian Based:

Rolling Release:

Unique Distributions:

Most distributions are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.


An unmanaged Linux VPS hosted at LYLIX is a great solution for your web hosting, email, development, and other Linux OS needs. Each server is backed by the standard array of features found with every LYLIX VPS


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