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LYLIX offers PBX hosting services for several different popular Asterisk PBX distributions.  Each distribution provides it's own  unique combination of supporting software to realize a complete hosted Asterisk PBX system.  Primary differences between distros generally include variations in software management and graphical interface integration.  Each distro is also driven by a particular design and software maintenance philosophy.

LYLIX also offers PBX hosting for additional PBX or softswitch distributions based on other VOIP engines, including Freeswitch, OpenSER/Kamailio, and SipXecs.

If you are unsure which PBX or softswitch distribution is best for you, follow the links below to each distribution's page on our site.  Each distro page includes an overview of the pre-install software.  If you still require further information, visit the distribution's respective website with the links provided in the sidebar.

If you prefer to build your own PBX or softswitch system using a bare-bones Linux VPS, check out our Linux VPS services.

Asterisk Distros:

Freeswitch Distros:

Other VOIP Distributions:


An unmanaged VOIP/PBX VPS hosted at LYLIX is a great solution for your telephony needs. Each server is backed by the standard array of features found with every LYLIX VPS

Besides our VOIP optimized environment, the VPS solution is completely scalable; if you're just starting out small you can begin with the basic resources, but as your activity and volume grow, your VPS can be seamlessly upgraded!

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